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Teko DIY


“Explore Sonic Depths with Teko a Digital Lo-Fi Delay Module”

Teko is your gateway to the world of tape delay simulation, offering a broad delay range spanning from 30 milliseconds up to 1 second. Whether you crave pure, clean delay effects or the warmth of distorted echoes, Teko delivers.

At its core, Teko features a carefully tuned hi-cut filter that imparts a deep and dark tape simulation quality to your sound. The module provides two distinct outputs: one carrying the direct delayed signal and the other blending the delayed signal with the original. For added versatility, a CV input is included, allowing you to dynamically control the delay time.

Explore vintage-inspired tones and elevate your sonic palette with Teko’s tape delay simulation.

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Teko is a digital lo-fi delay module that offers a vast range of delay times and a rich, dark sound profile. This module features one audio input, two audio outputs, and one CV input to cater to your creative needs.

On the module’s rear panel, you’ll discover three trimmers designed for precise control and customization of the delay’s behavior:

A. Adjust the output signal level.
B. Fine-tune the proportion of dry signal mixed with the direct delayed output.
C. Modify the signal level of the direct delayed output.

The package includes all the essential components required to assemble this mixer. You’ll find the front panel, PCB, power cable, M3 screws, and a comprehensive building manual. Teko is a DIY module project of medium difficulty, making it an enjoyable endeavor for both soldering enthusiasts new to the craft and experienced professionals alike.

Teko works with +12V/30mA, -12V/3mA and the width of the module is 8 HP.

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