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Teko DIY


Teko is a tape delay simulator with a wide delay range from 30ms up to 1s. Perfect for clean but also distorted delay effects. The circuit consists a hi – cut filter tuned for deep and dark sounding tape simulation. There’s two outputs, one is the direct delayed signal and the other is a mix of the delayed signal with the original. A CV input is available to control the delay time.

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Teko is a digital lo-fi delay module with wide range of delay time and deep, dark sound flavor. The module has one audio input, two audio outputs and one cv input.

In the back side of the module 3 trimmers can be found. Those trimmers are for controlling and customizing the delay’s behavior:

A. To change the output signal level.
B. To control the amount of dry signal that goes to the direct delayed output.
C. To change the direct delayed output signal level.

Inside the package can be found all the components needed to make the mixer. Front panel, pcb, power cable, M3 screws and a building manual. This diy module is medium difficulty project, fun for entry soldering level DIYers but also pro!

Teko works with +12V/30mA, -12V/3mA and the width of the module is 8 HP.

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