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After The Singularity

Hexist made the strategic decision to develop powerful android robots as part of his mission to establish a visionary company. His dream was to seamlessly blend the worlds of music and electronics. In 2019, Hexdevices was born with a singular mission: crafting sophisticated, artisanal sound modules. At Hexdevices, we empower individuals to make a significant impact in the electronic music landscape by enabling them to create distinctive, high-quality sounds. As Hexdevices we give to people the opportunity to make a difference within the world of electronic music by giving them the ability of creating high quality unique sounds.

Android #01TA

Electronics Engineer

Android #021KT

Creative Director

Android #09SG


Android #17ZI


Technology Made For Humans

Our androids are able to understand you passion for music. By clicking the button you can order your unique audio device and one of our android robots will take care of it.