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“Tama12 An Active Low Pass Filter”

Tama12 stands as a highly adaptable second-order 12dB active low pass filter. Powered by OTA technology, Tama12 exudes an abundance of character and aggression. Its interface is straightforward, featuring two control knobs: one dedicated to adjusting the cutoff frequency, the other to fine-tune the resonance. Additionally, there’s a CV input for dynamic control over the cutoff frequency.

Experience the distinctive sonic personality and creative potential of Tama12, as it invites you to sculpt your sound with precision.

It works with +-12V and the width is 8 HP.

Comes with eurorack power cable, user’s manual and M3 screws.

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Tama12 is a distinctive active low pass filter featuring an integrated output amplification stage. This versatile second-order 12dB filter, built around OTA technology, is a harmonically-rich masterpiece, boasting a robust resonance. Its user-friendly interface includes two control knobs: one for adjusting the cut-off frequency and the other for resonance. Additionally, there’s a CV input to dynamically modulate the cut-off frequency.

On the module’s rear side, you’ll find four trimmers that provide users with the power to fine-tune and customize the filter’s behavior:

A. Modify the input signal level to prevent overdriving the filter, achieving minimal distortion, or intentionally overdrive it to unlock the hidden harmonics of this assertive filter.
B. Adjust the cut-off knob’s endpoint to control the range of frequencies that can pass when the cut-off knob is fully closed, allowing for a customized cut-off behavior.
C. Fine-tune the CV input range to control the high and low frequency limits with precision.
D. Modify the output signal level for I/O leveling matching or to infuse more aggressiveness and distortion into your sonic palette.

Tama12 empowers you to shape your sound with unprecedented control and creativity.


Tama12 works with +-12V/+-18mA  and the width of the module is 8 HP.

Comes with eurorack power cable, user’s manual and M3 screws.

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