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“Interact with the machine”

Take control of your rhythm in your eurorack system with Pulsar.

Pulsar is an incredibly user-friendly tap tempo module designed to empower you to establish your own rhythm within your eurorack setup. It requires just two or more presses to intuitively capture your tempo and generate an ultra-stable square wave pulse. You can easily adjust the output pulse’s level using the trimmer located on the module’s rear side.

With Pulsar, achieving precision and flexibility in your modular setup has never been easier.

It works with +-12V and the width is 10HP.

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Pulsar is a tap tempo module designed to assist you in generating clock signals for syncing your modular system. With Pulsar, simply press the button at least twice, and it will automatically generate a clock pulse based on the time period between those two button presses.

Pulsar works with +12V/13mA and -12V/1.18mA.
Height is 1U and the width of the module is 10HP.
Comes with Eurorack power cable and M3 screws.


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