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Hekate DIY


“Your Futuristic sStereo Mixer”

Hekate presents an accessible and rewarding DIY eurorack stereo mixer project, designed to put the power of sound manipulation in your hands. Everything you need to build your mixer is conveniently included within the package: the front panel, PCB, power cable, M3 screws, and a comprehensive building manual.

This DIY endeavor is not only super easy but also exceptionally enjoyable, making it suitable for entry-level soldering enthusiasts and seasoned professionals alike. With Hekate, you can embark on a sonic journey, unleashing your creativity through a customizable stereo mixer that brings your musical visions to life.


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Hekate is a user-friendly DIY eurorack stereo mixer that paves the way to the future of sound manipulation. This module boasts four mono channel audio or CV inputs, each equipped with individual level controls. Additionally, you have at your disposal four panpots for precise positioning, as well as two left and right final output level controls. With three output options—Left (mono), Right (mono), and L&R (stereo)—Hekate empowers you to craft your audio in innovative ways.

Inside the package, you’ll discover all the necessary components to assemble the mixer, including the front panel, PCB, power cable, M3 screws, and a comprehensive building manual. Whether you’re a soldering enthusiast entering the world of DIY or a seasoned professional, Hekate promises an enjoyable and straightforward project.


It works with +-12V/27+-mA and the width is 16 HP.

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