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“Shaping the Future with a Glimpse of the Past”

The distortion effect module that redefines sound. Step into the world of Distress, where the echoes of the past meet the promise of the future. This full analog eurorack effect module draws inspiration from the distortion effect architecture of the 70s, delivering a truly distinctive audio experience packed with lot of harmonics, rich color, and unmistakable character.

Experience the unparalleled depth and sonic uniqueness of Distress, making it the most sought-after distortion effect you’ve ever encountered.

It works with +-12V/+-3mA and the width is 8 HP.
Comes with eurorack power cable, user’s manual and M3 screws.

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Distress is unlike any other distortion eurorack module you’ve ever encountered. When you connect different sound sources, you’ll experience a completely unique clipping sound each time. Whether you aim to enrich your original source with harmonic depth or deliberately distort your audio, Distress is your versatile tool of choice.

Discover the boundless potential of Distress, perfect for enhancing bass and lead sounds, as well as adding character to drums and vocals.

Distress works with +-12V/+-3mA and the width of the module is 8 HP.
Comes with eurorack power cable, user’s manual and M3 screws.

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Weight0,152 kg
Dimensions19 × 11,5 × 5,5 cm


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